Goings On – week of April 3 2014

If you’ve ever worn a white belt styled your hair to look like Spock or limp-wristedly flailed around in a black youth large T-shirt that had shitty silkscreens down the side you probably spent your teens listening to the same spazzed-out post-hardcore that I did. After grunge had its way with the city Seattle offered some of the sassiest early aughts rock bands particularly with the Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves.

Spend a minute or two on YouTube and you’ll quickly learn that while it was important to a certain group of kids in a certain era this yelpy punk cabaret/circus music has not aged all that well. As such it’s hard to blame the members of these bands for moving on. In fact we should be thanking them.

After all members of the Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves have successfully transitioned from their proto-scenester punk bands to the hushed dark folk rock of The Cave Singers . Since 2007 the group has demonstrated an expertise in subtlety across four albums most recently with last year’s Naomi . Without question they’ll be worth checking out live when they headline Republik on Friday April 4 but you may as well leave your Locust belt buckle and black jelly bracelets at home.

If you’d prefer some straightforward punk rock you’d be better off heading down to The Palomino on Friday night where Vancouver’s motorcycle-obsessed punk vets The Vicious Cycles will belt out some sing-along love songs to their two-wheeled transportation devices. They’ll be joined by like-minded locals Poison Pens and Quit School .

Over at the Hifi Friday night will celebrate the release of 90 Now a fantastic new album from local rapper A.Y.E. The 11-song mixtape is packed with some bada$$ ’90s throwback tracks. He’ll be joined by Ayoo Angie Rubix and more. Here’s hoping Ayoo Angie and A.Y.E. offer a live version of their fantastic team-up “Represent.”

On Sunday April 6 the always active local pop experimenter Barnaby Bennett will perform at Local 510 with a band called Pearl’s Emeralds and something called Dri Hiev a name that is either so bad it’s good or just really really bad.

Calgarians will also be blessed with a return appearance from indie rock patriarch and former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus who’ll perform with his band The Jicks at Republik on Monday April 7. Along with the old however there’ll also be some new — the group are touring with Massachusetts outfit Speedy Ortiz who’ve gained a fair share of deserved hype for their punk-tinged alt-rock.