The wolf comes to Calgary

Have you seen The Wolf of Wall Street? If not let me save you the trouble by saying it’s about three hours of mysoginistic bullshit that will make you want to puch all of humanity in the face. The money the drugs the toss-away women. It’s a story about the worst of American greed.

And now for the low low price of $137 – $795 per person you can have the chance to meet the real life douchebag at the centre of the story Jordan Belfort as he talks about "proven ethical sales strategies to increase sales and profits in your business" in Calgary.

Seriously you can’t make this stuff up. Belfort who still owes $110 million in restitution to 1513 investors who he defrauded is going to talk about ethical sales strategies.

Thanks to the success of Martin Scorsese’s movie he’s hitting the lecture circuit with even more gusto but it’s probably fair to say it’s not a goodwill tour for his victims.

This man destroyed lives in order to enrich himself. He’s the epitome of the smarmy money lover that all but ruined the global economy and tore so many apart and the fact that he’s comign to town to with his talk showy sales strategy bullshit is an insult.