Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams

Arts & Crafts

Hot Dreams is quite different from the Timber Timbre of Creep On Creepin’ On . It offers a bold amount in the way of noisy instrumental interludes and a lot more indie-rock than folk. It’s kind of like what happened to The Black Heart Procession.

Fans won’t be disappointed though — there’s the touch of organ the characteristic dark overtones the murder-ballad voice and a huge cathedral echo. The addition of weirder instrumentation balances the minimal voice-guitar-organ well especially the simple parts in songs like “Run From Me.”

There’s a definite Destroyer sound to the start of Hot Dreams right down to Colin Stetson’s unusually smooth sax on the album’s lead single and title track. Haunting drawn out noise jams sneak into each song and you’ll find two entirely instrumental songs in “Resurrection Drive Part II” and “The Three Sisters.” Along with “The Three Sisters” Albertans will be pleased by a reference to Drumheller as well as synth-work from the National Music Centre.

Timber Timbre aren’t sticking to their formula on Hot Dreams resulting in an interesting listen that offers some new directions for the band.