Future Islands – Singles


Future Islands still might be known as that band with the singer who danced all crazy on Letterman but they’re set to become a lot more than that thanks to their stellar Singles album.

Following three records and a pile of mini-releases album four has “breakthrough” written all over it with the Baltimore group finally nailing it via a surprisingly solid blend of drama-flecked electronic pop. Slick hooky and melancholic as hell it’s a far cry from Future Islands’ lo-fi “post-wave” beginnings which is all for the best. Living up to the album title the record delivers single-quality track after single-quality track never losing steam throughout the 10 songs.

While the bed of crunchy bass tones and melancholic OMD synths create an engaging backdrop it’s vocally versatile frontman/dancer Samuel T. Herring who steals the show coming off like a cool uncle who’s equally into Bruce Springsteen Bryan Ferry and by the sounds of “Fall From Grace” even a bit of black metal.

It’s taken Future Islands a while to get here but as Singles once again reminds us good things come to those who wait.