Remember Owls? The Kinsella siblings Tim and Mike plus Victor Villarreal and Sam Zurick — basically Cap’n Jazz with a different name and a lone album on Jade Tree from 2001? Well Owls are back with a new album: Two .

Short review: the Kinsellas (and friends) can still play their guitars weird and in irregular rhythms. They “rock out” a bit more than on the first Owls LP with less Midwestern ’90s emo twinkles and a few more alt-tuned chords here or there. Still Two possesses an odd sort of deliberation simultaneously hesitant and natural — like if anyone else were doing this it would sound far too self-aware about being strange alt-guitar music but it’s the Kinsellas and they’ve been doing this kind of thing for decades so it’s expected.

Owls records are notoriously scarce from this otherwise prolific set of musicians but one probably could have called this the new LP from Tim Kinsella’s prolific Joan of Arc project and most people wouldn’t have batted an eye. I don’t necessarily mean this as critique mind — if you’ve been a fan over the years this isn’t a bad record to check in on but don’t expect anything life-changing.