Lunchbox adding extra Dad Day 1 show

Photo courtesy of Nicole Zylstra.

Lunchbox Theatre will be adding an extra show to the lineup for Dave Kelly’s popular Dad Day 1 . The play which is a personal account of Kelly’s upbringing and the arrival of his first child has been playing to sold-out audiences.

If you’re familiar with Kelly from his longtime stint on The Big Breakfast morning television show don’t expect more of the same. While his sense of humour and wit remain intact this is an intensely raw and moving play about the challenges of growing up the sacrifices involved in being true to yourself and the joy and pain of being part of a family.

Kelly had the audience alternately laughing and crying along with him throughout his story and was visibly moved himself at the end of Monday’s show when he announced that his parents were in the crowd. They also deserved the generous applause of the audience — as Kelly pointed out at the beginning of the play people often grow up knowing exactly what their parents did wrong and what they will do differently until they face the reality of being parents themselves.

Lunchbox Theatre has added an extra afternoon performance of Dad Day 1 on Wednesday April 16 at 2:10 p.m. and there are still some tickets available for the Friday evening and Saturday performances.