Christopher Bissonnette – Essays in Idleness


Despite hailing from Canada and being signed to the illustrious Kranky imprint Christopher Bissonnette remains a mystery to many in the Great White North. However that may have to do with the electronic soundscaper not releasing a solo record in a good half-dozen years — something he’s finally changed with Essays in Idleness .

Much like labelmate Tim Hecker Bissonnette focuses on the ethereal rather than the propulsive with his full-length album return exploring a sonic mash of glacially paced synth-play sci-fi textures and feedbacking electronics. However some cookie-cutter drone record this is not with Essays in Idleness showing off its own personality early on via the primitive Nuno Canavarro-like pulse of opener “Greenish in Its Light.”

This unique quality might have something to do with the album being composed on a self-built analog synthesizer which gives the record a certain living breathing sort of feel not to mention a welcomed DIY stamp. Whether whirring oscillating or humming along Essays in Idleness is the kind of electronic album that comes with a needed human touch displaying depth as well as growth in Bissonnette’s left-field songcraft.