EMA – The Future’s Void


Deserved or not Erika M. Anderson lit up the Internet in 2011 with her breakthrough EMA album Past Life Martyred Saints so it makes sense that her followup is a reaction to it all.

Dubbed The Future’s Void the album is effectively one big social commentary on the online world that Anderson and the rest of us have been thrown into waxing poetic on all its potential evils via in-the-now references of selfies interwebs and NSA-geared surveillance all likely from behind the gaze of an Oculus Rift.

Dystopian angst aside though the album plays out like it’s been set on shuffle by some on-the-fritz Genius dabbling with everything from gothy industrial to piano-fuelled balladry to ’90s throwback grunge and acoustic pastoral folk with the only musical constant being Anderson’s over-the-top vocal dramatics.

Like too much real-life social networking The Future’s Void has a way of making you feel cold dark and empty inside. Yeah Anderson is making a point here or at least highlighting a few things about our modern way of life but it’s not something you’ll want to keep revisiting especially when it all feels obsolete a few years from now.