Tweens – Tweens


Tweens’ self-titled debut album is ripped at the seams bratty rock ’n’ roll blaring with ferocity. It’s the epitome of noisy sloppy garage rock — slathered in fuzz and sounding altogether trashed but not trashy. Through all the ruckus they still pull out some great hooks that even at times drum up ’60s doo-wop (something they experimented with in their earlier days).

The album feels immensely live with lead singer Bridget Battle’s screaming vocals cracking while guitars and drums build into furious climaxes of noise. You can’t help wanting to crowd-surf and jump around while listening.

The young trio draws on a wide range of influences from bubblegum pop to punk to riot grrrl so you’ll hear as much Shangri-Las as Sex Pistols and Breeders. The sound isn’t entirely original but they put everything into it and it comes out super fresh.

The album finishes off with a couple slower songs “Forever” and “Want U” that still fit the fuzzy garage sound but offer a break from the wild party. These kids love to keep the energy high; Tweens is the way to go if you need to get rowdy.