Ninja Tune

Certified chef Kelis returns to the music world with her newest album since 2010. Food is more than just the edgy pop jams that people familiar with her work might expect. Kelis serves up a rich platter of R&B infused with gentler ballads (like “Bless The Telephone”) and Afrobeat (like “Change”). She brings her jazzy sensual voice to an interesting musical backdrop full of soft changes organic beats and funky horn numbers.

For Food Kelis has turned to indie music producer David Sitek (TV on the Radio Yeah Yeah Yeahs Foals) which brings a remarkable shift from the pop songs she’s written before. Food hits deeper notes with a much more pulled back and acoustic sound. The content is interesting touching on themes of love and relationships with a slightly personal angle. It sounds like the soundtrack for a romantic drama.

Making this step from radio-ready pop songs to soulful indie music was a bold choice for this accomplished artist. The album comes as a refreshing change but struggles to offer any meat for listeners to sink their teeth into. There’s a few catchy lines but as a whole it feels more like empty carbs than a satisfying 12-course meal.