Luxury skin care comfy undies and fashion heirlooms

Spring has truly arrived and it’s time to give your dry skin some TLC and liven up your wardrobe from underwear to accessories. Here are the Hot 5 tips for April:

1. Get great skin at Babor Beauty Spa . The luxury European skin care line has its only Canadian spa right here in Calgary on Fourth Street S.W. ( ). This is the place to go for a return to baby-soft beautiful skin that you won’t want to cover up. After a long drying winter my skin needed some expert help. With 14 facials to choose from and three lines of its products this is not a one-size-fits-all salon; it’s precision skin care that focuses on results. Everything at this spa is done to perfection from slippers as you walk in to a complimentary make-up application as you leave. Book this when you need your skin to look and feel at its best. Facials start at $105 and skin care from $40.

2. Find pretty and comfy undies at Aerie in Chinook Centre. I like comfortable knickers — I don’t want to spend all day awkwardly rearranging — but it’s equally important that they’re appealing for all the other reasons we wear cute underwear! It has been an ongoing search until now. Aerie’s vintage lace girlie short comes in gorgeous colours and is soft enough for everyday whilst being pretty enough for best. Amazingly they are priced at $26.50 for seven so at under $4 a pair they are a steal ! They are invisible underneath most clothes too (for the exceptions their seamless collection works). I also have to applaud their “real” campaign featuring images that aren’t retouched — as anyone who has ever used Instagram knows a flattering filter can work wonders so imagine what eight hours in retouch does to a body. Don’t get me wrong their models still look great but it’s an attainable beauty.

3. Be a little gentler on the environment with Eden Essentials ’ natural home and beauty products. The Lemongrass handwash cleanses beautifully without drying out your hands with unnecessary chemicals — perfect for sensitive skin or those with small children who are constantly washing their hands. They also stock a range of natural home cleaning products (Cinderella’s Organic Housekeeping) which look stylish enough to leave on the side of the sink rather than hiding beneath (this encourages other house dwellers to use them too — always a plus!). You can find Eden Essentials at the Calgary Farmers’ Market.

4. Invest in local design with Anne B Accessories . Based in Calgary Anne’s designs are made from natural materials including wood shell resin cowhorns and stone ( ). Her designs have a timeless quality that goes beyond seasonal trends and her shell bracelets are pretty spectacular. Through her designs Anne has made it her mission to use skilled craftsmen in her home country the Philippines thereby improving lives through economic means.

5. Buy heirloom quality pieces at Holt Renfrew downtown on Stephen Avenue. Every season I buy a couple of items I really love from designers my budget doesn’t normally allow for. I wear them to death for a couple of seasons (maybe more if I have chosen wisely) and then store them for my daughter because our last season will be her vintage (I still hold a grudge that my mum thrifted all her original Biba Joseph and YSL).