Badbadnotgood – III

Pirate’s Blend/Innovative Leisure

This isn’t your standard jazz offering. Badbadnotgood bring a flare of funk to their brand of fusion while exploring the rich sounds and textures that a drum key and guitar jazz trio can offer.

They infuse the songs with chill electronic vibes from the keyboard and electric guitar using these instruments to offer up circular melodies that I associate with acts like Four Tet. You can hear these likenesses in the first single “Creep Into the Night” and the album track “Since You Asked Kindly.” There’s also a stellar guest appearance by Leland Whitty on saxophone for “Confessions.”

III feels densely explorative like pulling apart vines in a jungle; remarkably tight as you can expect from a well-trained group of jazz musicians; and refreshingly modern branching from their shared love of hip-hop and youthfulness. Each song is unique without a dull moment through the 50 minutes of the album.

If you’re looking for an album to get you into jazz Badbadnotgood could do a mighty fine job of introducing you. With incomparable talent they bridge indie and jazz like it’s no challenge at all. The result is perfection.