Kid Smpl – Silo Tear EP

Hush Hush

Thoughts seem to coalesce with ease as the Silo Tear EP spins on. Kid Smpl comes forth with an EP of music for somnambulists and dreamers that is so satisfying the only complaint is that it’s not a full-length.

The EP starts with the title track which is like a soundtrack for waking up instrumentally describing how one drifts in and out of sleep and sees the hazy new day.

Silo Tear contains a plethora of mixed sounds that paint these desolate robotic dreams. Kid Smpl uses a bit of breakcore among ambient aural instrumentals. Incoherent vocal clips dot the thickening beats with longing tones.

It ends with the sleepiest of tracks “Protect” which is almost a lullaby all hushed and whispery sounds.

There’s a remarkable coherence to the EP. Kid Smpl repeats compositional themes throughout the five songs while varying their delivery just enough to give each track its own flavour. The release delivers a powerful message speaking on loneliness among the hyper-connected world of technology. If you need a break from it all Silo Tear is a perfect soundtrack for collecting your thoughts.