Sonic Avenues – Mistakes

Dirtnap Records

Montreal’s Sonic Avenues have all the makings of Canada’s best new underdogs deserving a whole lot more love than they’re receiving. There was already lots to enjoy on 2012’s Television Youth but the band has upped its game substantially on followup Mistakes making this a seriously A-class slab of power-pop perfection.

Expanding on and evolving their template Sonic Avenues are still indebted to punk greats like the Exploding Hearts and Buzzcocks but they’ve moved so far past all the hero worship coming out with an album that moves the genre forward instead of rehashing the past. This is mainly thanks to bigger catchier hooks punchier song structures and straight-up better songwriting causing all the raucous choruses and gang vocals to hit that much harder.

But it may just be the little things that really set Mistakes apart. Whether it be an acoustic guitar here a touch of synth there or a mathy breakdown out of nowhere small but crucial sonic touches are repeatedly grabbing your ear and demanding attention making you sit up take notice and soak this whole thing in.

Fast fun and wholly engrossing Mistakes is Sonic Avenues’ best chance yet of reaching a broad new audience and god knows they deserve it.