Goings On – week of May 8 2014

Criminal Code Evan Dando and Baths are among this week’s top choices

Didn’t get your fill of garbage-brained punk kids at last weekend’s Garbage Daze festival? Fret not as three of the city’s best punk and hardcore bands will offer repeat performances on Thursday May 8 at Tubby Dog. The deviled eggs in Glitter will perform alongside synth-punk space explorers PMMA and openly ignorant hardcore brats Skin Colour . The night’s finale is the biggest treat of all however with the return of Tacoma Washington post-punk destroyers Criminal Code whose recently released No Device LP deserves to end up on some year-end lists.

If you prefer over-the-top cult rap performed by dudes with clear contact lenses — and honestly name me one person who doesn’t — you’d be best to check out Los Angeles rapper Hopsin who’ll perform at Republik on Thursday night.

On Friday May 9 The Palomino will host a record release show for The Night Committee who’ve prepared a new album. The project headed by Calgary music veteran Lorrie Matheson will be joined by a fairly stacked bill complete with local party rock dudes Napalmpom and Edmonton garage outfits Betrayers and Lad Mags .

Though it conjures up some sort of top-shelf food seasoning Garland Jeffreys is not the name of some green flakes that’ll improve your favourite dish. In fact Garland Jeffreys is a 70-year-old New York-based rock blues and reggae icon. He’ll bring his decades of experience to Festival Hall on May 9. Pass the Garland.

However the longest-running rockers of the week beating out Jeffreys by a few years are Herman’s Hermits . If I’ve got my facts straight I’m pretty sure the Manchester rock act wrote their hit song “I’m Henry the Eighth I Am” about their close friend and peer King Henry VIII second monarch of the Tudor dynasty when they grew up together in the early 1500s. Centuries later the group are playing the Deerfoot Inn & Casino on Saturday May 10.

For a more youthful take on standard rock tropes brand new garage punk act Racket will release their debut cassette tape on Saturday night at Tubby Dog. The fresh-faced quartet play brash bratty punk tunes that will surely give fans of B-Lines Burger Records and Descendents a lot to love. They’ll be joined by art-punk outfit Catholic Girls and the trashy drum machine punk of Bog Bodies .

Whenever Weird Canada tweets a joke it becomes a reality. It happened once with the Rob Ford noise tape which someone manufactured soon after they joked about it and it’s happened again with the invention of National Drone Day which offers loud experimental drone sets at various venues across Canada on Saturday. Calgary’s Drone Day celebrations take place at the Oolong Tea House this weekend. Hey Weird Canada — maybe you guys should start joking about world peace on Twitter.

If you’re a fan of power metal that comes packaged in lush colourful fantastical artwork you probably hate my column and all of the pretentious bullshit contained within (“National Drone Day? You fucking kidding me?”). You also probably already know that Florida metal veterans Iced Earth are returning to Calgary with a show at Republik on Saturday. They’ll be joined by like-minded Swedish power-metallers Sabaton who write songs about historical battles.

A constant source of heartfelt humour in NBC’s excellent Parks and Recreation is when Ron Swanson experiences childlike giddiness over life’s simple pleasures breaking out of his gruff manly mustachioed exterior into fits of unbridled joy. It’s not unlike the true happiness that overcomes bearded supremely masculine promoter Spencer Brown’s Twitter account when he sips some pitch-black coffee or experiences a favourite musical act. In other words whether online or in person keep an eye on Brown when ’90s alt-rock luminary and Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando performs at the Republik on Wednesday May 14. Shit’s going to be touching.

Fans of danceable pop music with impassioned vocals are also in for a treat on Wednesday night and I’m not talking about the appearance from early 2000s boy-band brother Aaron Carter (though that’s also happening at Cowboys). Instead the lush techno-leaning pop of Will Wiesenfeld’s excellent Baths project will take centre stage at Commonwealth.