Goings On – week of June 12 2014

Best of Calgary party Rick Ross and the start of Sled Island

Whether it was the sheer size of this week’s issue or the fact that you’re surrounded by people angrily arguing and/or subtly boasting about it you may have noticed that you’re currently reading our annual Best of Calgary issue.

Because no award should ever go uncelebrated we typically pair the results with a massive party. In previous years it was a private affair for only the most elite of winners but this year that’s changed. Because we love you (and we want to prove that the Best of Calgary isn’t some sort of Bilderberg-esque illuminati event or occult sex party) we’ve decided to open it up to the public (sort of).

If you’d like to attend the Best of Calgary celebration doors will open at 8 p.m. on Thursday June 12. In addition to beer food trucks and members of the Calgary elite the event will include live music performances from soon-to-blow-up rapper Ayoo Angie 8-bit Game Boy destroyer Greyscreen and local rock act Hexray . One caveat: if you want to attend you need to sign up for our email newsletter at ffwdweekly.com .

Those looking for pinkie-finger up sophistication can experience the bougie life in full when Parisian classical company Cabaret Contemporain brings their high-art blend of classical piano and electroacoustic work to the Royal Canadian Legion No. 1 for Honens’ Bison Noir on Saturday June 14 and Sunday June 15. Joined by pianist Hinrich Alpers the group will perform selections from John Cage’s vast catalogue.

On Monday June 16 Rick Ross will be B.M.F. at the BMO Centre. Touring in support of his recent Mastermind album he’ll bring the sort of cinematic thug rap that can only come from a former corrections officer.

On Tuesday June 17 it’s time to start thinking about Sled Island. The annual festival’s back in a big way and it kicks off on Tuesday with the poster show at Forbidden then a two-floor party at Commonwealth. Upstairs there will be performances from The Shivas The Mandates and Slow Down Molasses with The Slabs Witchstone Tigerwing and the wonderfully avant-garde post-swag rapper Young Braised performing in the basement.

Then on Wednesday June 18 Sled’s back in full with an overwhelming onslaught of events. Here are just a few highlights:

The Royal Canadian Legion No. 1 will once again be packed with bands on both floors opening Sled with appearances from Fist City Bass Drum of Death The Fresh & Onlys Burro The Allovers and The Mandates among others.

Over at Dickens Pub Garbage Daze is co-presenting a Sled show featuring Texas crossover thrash/hardcore greats Power Trip alongside Cuba’s Arrabio and locals Skin Colour and Exotic Functions both back from a North American tour.

Kraut fans can chase the motorik beat to Commonwealth where Disappears will headline an experimental evening that also includes slots from Freak Heat Waves Girl Arm Tomahonqii Jung People Burnt Shrines and Dirty Spells .

At Local 510 there’ll be an indoor rap show that includes appearances from both Ayoo Angie and Young Braised alongside Rap X and A.Y.E. while some rockers play rock music in the parking lot.

For more comprehensive Sled Island coverage be sure to pick up next week’s issue of Fast Forward Weekly . We’ll also be filling our blog with live reviews and photos. Not so secretly we’re actually the best of Calgary.