Monomyth – Saturnalia Regalia!

It’s no big surprise that long-running Vancouver indie Mint Records scooped up Monomyth. Following a steady buzz climb killer debut tape and last year’s amazingly titled King Does This Not Please You? (BEHOLD THE POWER) EP the Halifax band have “breakout” written all over them and their Saturnalia Regalia! lives up to any and all expectations.

Much like Monomyth’s past efforts Saturnalia Regalia! finds the group weaving together myriad styles frankensteining everything from ’90s Murderrecords to paisley-coated pop to modern slacker twee to straight-up psych. In a way it all makes the band like some sort of oddball East Coast cousin to Calgary’s dearly missed Women.

Saturnalia Regalia! does bring some changes to the Monomyth formula though mainly by the band toning down any old grunge tendencies for a more sophisticated pop approach. But while tracks like the opening “Theme From Monomyth” “Candleholder” and “Something Else” are hook-filled earwormers the band still get their freak on via Rick White-inspired weird-outs like “Pac Ambition” and the shoegazey “Downer.” It all proves that Monomyth are far from being some one-sound band.

In a very Canadian-like manner Saturnalia Regalia! comes with a sort of humble underdog sort of vibe but this is Monomyth at their best capitalizing on everything they’ve been building towards and giving us all a great record in the process.