The Fraser Institute’s latest research claims Canadians spend more of their income on taxes than any other expense. The conservative think-tank report titled Taxes versus the Necessities of Life analyzed Statistics Canada records from 1961 to 2013. It found the sum total of taxes paid by the average Canadian family has increased from 33.5 per cent of household income to 41.8 per cent over that 52-year period.

“The total tax bill grew much faster than the cost of basic necessities so now taxes eat up more income than any other single family expense” says study co-author Charles Lammam.

The calculations are based on all taxes combined including income tax sales gas alcohol and vehicle taxes.

The study also says that if taxes had increased at the same rate as average income a family earning $77381 today would pay $25923 in taxes. Instead such a family’s tax bill is $32369.