The Giant Walkthrough Brain at Beakerhead

This post is sponsored by Beakerhead.

Everyone knows that jingle about which bone connects to what but Jay Ingram one of the masterminds behind Beakerhead has decided to take things a step further with his Giant Walkthrough Brain performance.

For those who don’t yet know Beakerhead now entering its second year is Calgary’s festival of science engineering and art and features impossibly imaginative exhibitions performances and talks throughout its four-day run.

For the Giant Walkthrough Brain Ingram best known as the former host of Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel will take the stage at the TELUS Spark Dome Theatre with his band The Free Radicals and literally walk the audience through a human brain. Well sort of. A real one would be kind of gross.

With the help of Dr. Christian Jacob and the Hotchkiss Brain Institute at the University of Calgary the show will feature a digital mock-up of the interior of a brain allowing Ingram and the audience to travel its folds and corners learning about the hardware of human thought along the way.

The event is billed as "a musically driven larger-than-life virtual tour of the human brain. Part science talk part multimedia project part musical adventure" that helps realize the vision of one Joseph Bogen a neurosurgeon who argued that someone should build a giant 60-storey walkthrough brain.

Although a giant brain that you could physically walk through would be pretty cool it’s probably better to just sit back and relax in a climate-controlled theatre while Ingram and co. walk you through the complexity of the human mind.

Tickets are on sale now so get them while you can.