Snack Talk — Chocolatey Mint Girl Guide Cookies

Well autumn is finally here. The leaves are changing colour and falling off of the trees the weather is cooling down and the Girl Guides are going door-to-door bringing us a very important snack Chocolatey Mint Cookies.

Chocolate mint treats aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I have often tried to share mint chocolate snacks with friends only to get a look of disgust in response. I can understand this. Most of these foods are made with an overabundance of mint and not a lot of chocolate to counter this strong taste. I have always enjoyed chocolate mint candies but of course some are better than others.

The champion of these chocolate mint snacks has to be the Girl Guide cookies. They are only available in the fall from community events the Guides are involved in or if you are lucky if they come to your door. The ultimate snack experience happens when somebody brings a delicious snack straight to your home.

There are a few reasons these cookies are better than the rest. For one the cookie to mint ratio is excellent. There is much more of a chocolate cookie involved and just the perfect amount of mint. It’s not overpowering so it’s fine to drink a root beer with your cookie and not have much of that minty aftertaste.

The cookies are also a bit crunchy but still fairly light. I never really felt like it was necessary to keep gorging on a mint chocolate cookie so they were pretty easy to save for later. Because these cookies are also only available during the fall it makes them a kind of “limited edition” snack. I am a sucker for that kind of stuff especially in the snack world. Mint Chocolate treats are usually associated with fall/winter especially during Christmas so this is the perfect time for sales.

Purchase of these cookies also goes to the Girl Guides which is a great organization for young girls. Not only are you supporting a good cause but also you get some delicious cookies! It’s a win-win. I used to be in the Cub Scouts and instead of selling cookies we had to volunteer for bottle drives. Nobody wants to give their bottles away. You can buy snacks with that bottle money! I don’t know why the Scouts don’t get into the cookie racket.

Are these the best cookies? I can’t really say. I haven’t tried every cookie. White chocolate macadamia cookies are pretty good too. These are just a special treat for a great cause.