David Bowie – Nothing Has Changed

Nothing Has Changed is the latest David Bowie career-spanning retrospective. I say “latest” because there have been about 20 or so somewhat official Bowie “best of” comps prior to this. However considering he is still actively releasing music this is the most worthwhile one yet. That said there are actually three versions of it. Why are there three versions? I have no idea.

Don’t waste your time with the two-disc set or the vinyl edition they pale in comparison to the three-disc set. And yes vinyl is superior to compact discs we all know that but if you actually want to follow Bowie’s 50-plus years of constant reinvention the only version of Nothing Has Changed that does it justice is the 59-track deluxe edition.

All of the biggest hits — “Space Oddity” “Modern Love” “The Jean Genie” — are featured across each format. They also include “Sue (Or In a Season of Crime)” a brand new song that is equal parts hurtling jazz and contemporary Scott Walker-style avant-garde crooning. It’s quite brilliant. Only the deluxe edition features “Your Turn To Drive” a little-heard track originally planned for his aborted 2001 album Toy. It might not be much of a standout but it does its part in encapsulating the later stages of his work.

After the 10-year hiatus and then overwhelming interest in last year’s The Next Day it makes sense to put together a definitive compilation. But something tells me David Bowie isn’t done making music yet. And that just means nothing has changed when it comes to Bowie releasing compilations.