Bill 10 makes me proud

Bill 10 has made me happy and it has made me proud.

You see for the first time in years I feel like this province is maturing and turning into the accepting kind of place that I want it to be that I expect it to be and that in my little slice of it already is.

I know this sounds incongruous but let me explain.

We have Premier Jim Prentice sauntering in after his stint learning about cut-throat politics under Stephen Harper. He’s brought those lessons to Alberta and they were on full display with Bill 10 — get something together quickly put an Orwellian title on the bill and say it does one thing when in fact it does another. Then limit debate ram it through the legislature and show utter contempt for the people you’re supposed to represent.

So what’s put a smile on my face? The reaction.

Albertans have shown that they will not tolerate this sort of democratic steamrolling and they’ve shown that you can no longer find support for homophobia in this province no matter how you try to spin it. The Wildrose learned that lesson (and now have forgotten) and now Prentice and the PC caucus are getting their justified earful.

It’s bad enough that the government as we speak is hastily trying to attach amendments to try to get this thing through and appease critics. The appeasement likely won’t work.

This province has changed. It’s not longer willing to accept even a whiff of bigotry in our elected officials. It’s not some unified conservative punching bag that will just accept what the governing PCs lay out. While the opposition parties may not be strong in the legislature they can be mighty and they can be vocal and they’ve proven that this week. Even more importantly there is an engaged and at this point enraged public that is not going to allow our democracy our rights and the rights of others to be tampered with. I hope that continues.

I couldn’t be more proud. Now kill Bill 10.