Snack Talk — Green Tea Kit Kats

The Kit Kat is not very high up on my chocolate bar list. They were usually left behind when I was munching on Halloween candies back in elementary school. But Japan has introduced over 200 kinds of Kit Kat bars since the year 2000. Some of the more interesting sounding flavours are Cherry Blossom Baked Potato and Fruit Parfait. Now this candy bar is much more interesting. Green Tea Kit Kats seem to be one of the more popular of these flavours as they were easily available when I was in Japan.

My girlfriend sent me these from Vancouver although I think you may be able to purchase them at places like T&T Grocery or specialty candy stores. I was still a bit skeptical about the Kit Kat but I like to try new things and I figured it wouldn’t be that bad.

As it turns out this is one of the best candy bars of all time. It is light sweet and crunchy. It has the perfect texture and each bite is completely satisfying. The Green Tea flavour isn’t what I thought it was. It was more akin to a yogurt-covered pretzel but not as lame. I am sure the green colour might throw some people off but then you would just be missing out on one of the greats.

I would say this is a great candy to have for teatime on a budget. Forget the nice tearoom with the tiny cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Instead just throw down few bags of earl grey boil some water and throw a couple of these on some small plates in your dark cheap apartment. You will feel like royalty. It’s the snack for the sophisticate on a budget. Well if you can find it.

“Kit Kat” in Japanese approximates to “"kitto katsu" an expression that means “good luck.” It’s a very nice gift to receive then. You should buy your loved one a Kit Kat for good luck.