Calgary folk fest: Five weekend workshops to worship

Friday, July 28
The Long and Short of It, 3:00, Field Law Stage (3)
Jason Collett, Son Little, Barney Bentall, and The Cactus Blossoms
Two sons-of-preacher men, Little and Bentall, share the stage with urban musical chameleon Collett and
Minneapolis’ modernly vintage-kissed harmonizers, The Cactus Blossoms. Collett’s and Little’s ability to
write songs in a charm-bracelet’s worth of musical styles will be augmented by Bentall’s tried and true
tunes and Cactus Blossom’s wide and blue harmonies.
Saturday, July 29
Best Western, 12:55, Festival Hall Stage (1)
Lindi Ortega, Langhorne Slim, Whitney Rose, Yola Carter
Check out a guy and a group of gals whose smouldering chops, smoky vocals and sweet ’n’ sassy lyrics
make heartbreak sound as fun as a naked ride on a waterslide.
Heart of Darkness, 1:50, National Stage (4)
Leif Vollebekk, Ghostkeeper, The Bones of J.R. Jones, Forbidden Dimension
Take two Calgary staples — ghoul garage land superheroes Forbidden Dimension and the unpredictable-
as-an-apparition Ghostkeeper — mix together with the mist-like and sometimes surprising songs of
Vollebekk, and add some bones, The Bones of J.R. Jones in this case, whose songs are stripped naked
like, well, like a well-picked bone. Throw in some curveball songs, carry your heart in your throat, and
watch out for the ghost in the moat.
Sunday, July 30
Lullabies for Little Subliminals (honourable mention for the name alone), 12:55, Field Law Stage (3)
100 Mile House, Darlingside, William Prince, Benjamin Longman
A mashup of Brit transplants, American bluegrass harmonizers, and a Juno Award-winning Oji-Cree
songwriter sounds like it might produce some intercontinental incontinence, but look forward to picture-
perfect summer songs chilled by elegant, ethereal musical moments.
Tell of Vision, 4:20, National Stage (4)
Barney Bentall, Jim Cuddy, Yola Carter, Birds of Chicago
Two of Canada’s veteran road warriors get a chance to dip their riffs into the British-born Carter’s gospel
tinged, roots-raised style and Birds of Chicago’s joyous, rounded melodies.
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