Calgary Beer Core community rallies around ‘family’ member with fundraising event

Community still means something to some.

It means you care. It means you take care of. It means you do what you can, all that you can, to help those who need it.

On Saturday afternoon, you’ll get an amazing example of that should you head down to the Stetson Pub for the Calgary Beer Core’s Rock for Duane Hostland event.

The show is a fundraiser for the brother of a longtime supporter of the local music promotion collective and the bands they work with, Deanna Hostland.

“Dee is CBC family, so her family is our family,” says Bonnie Parker, Beer Core director and one of the organizers of the event.

Hostland, Parker says, has been entrenched in the scene since she moved here almost two decades ago, partially through her ties to the city’s tattoo and piercing community — she’s now a manager at Tribal Expression — but mainly through the fact that she’s been attending CBC shows for “at least 10 years.”

When her brother was “diagnosed with stage 3B, terminal stomach cancer,” the community rallied behind the 40-year-old father of four.

They’re hoping to raise enough money “to help out so Duane doesn’t have to worry about needing to take time off work and the (his wife) Rosalie doesn’t have to get another job,” perhaps have enough proceeds from it to pay the family’s rent for a few months while he’s receiving treatment.

Bands participating in the fundraiser include local acts Silver Moss, Southbound Crow, and Ten Dead Crow, who, Parker says, are a little more straight-forward in the rock or country-rock vein than CBC crowds might be used to or expecting.

“I don’t want to alienate anybody,” Parker says, also noting that’s one of the reasons it’s all kicking off at 3 p.m. and why they’re holding it at the Stetson and not CBC’s home base Distortion,

“Typically we usually have the punk rock or the metal or the hardcore shows. I wanted everybody to feel welcome at this show … comfortable in the room.”

Other than the music, there will also be a “huge silent auction” with more than 50 area businesses having already donated goods or services to the cause.

“It’s amazing how many people have come out and supported this,” Parker says.

That’s what a community does.

Calgary Beer Core’s Rock for Duane Hostland takes place Saturday, Sept. 30 beginning at 3 p.m. at the the Stetson Pub (10002 Macleod Trail S.E.).