Bungling burglars turn Bad Idea into a great, funny, fun little film

I love seeing movies like this.

First of all, it’s well written, funny, surprising, and fun to watch; and secondly, it’s like, just three actors in one house for 80 minutes. How much did that cost to film? Pocket change, right? Think of all the films like this we could have had instead of The Emoji Movie.

OK, yes, I dig expensive spectacle as much as the next guy, but it’s a rare treat to watch a pair of likeable but extremely stupid crooks who accidentally lock themselves in the house they were attempting to burgle. Marlon (Matt Jones) and Leo (Will Rogers) discuss and argue about their boneheaded plan in a diner before leaping into their scheme headfirst, and it’s clear from the beginning that they are in way over their heads. Their plan is stupid, they’ve never done this before, and they are definitely going to get caught. Why are they doing this? (Actually, don’t ask. The answer to that question is a spoiler.)

Things get worse. The house has an occupant. After spotting the sleeping house-sitter Darcy (Eleanore Pienta), the boys retreat for an emergency meeting, and decide to hide their identities with hastily-made masks (aluminium foil and plastic wrap, both of which have their own unique deficiencies for the task at hand) before bundling her up in a sheet and restraining her with duct tape. (But no tape directly on the skin! That hurts! Hence the sheet. We’re not savages, here.) Now that there’s a female present, the lads have even more to bicker about, trying to keep themselves out of jail while making sure that their prisoner is comfortable and treated with respect. (Aww, chivalry!)

It’s an amusing situation, and it’s fun to see these nitwits attempt to get themselves out of a situation that’s entirely their fault. I’ve seen films about stupid house burglars getting in over their heads before, as a comedy (Weirdsville) and as a thriller (Don’t Breathe), and based on the results so far, it’s a sub-genre I can get behind. Keep ’em coming!

A Bad Idea Gone Wrong screens Friday, Sept. 29 at 10:15 p.m. at Eau Claire 3, and Saturday, Sept. 30 at 6:30 p.m. at Eau Claire 3 as part of this year’s Calgary International Film Festival. For tickets go to

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