Win tickets to Raleigh’s Thursday night show as part of National Music Centre’s Alberta Spotlight Series

Of course we’ve got talent.

If you’ve been paying attention even remotely, you’ll know that this province is home to some of the finest musical talent in this or any other country.

Prove it?

Well, actually our friends at the National Music Centre are doing just that with their recently announced Alberta Spotlight Series. But they’ve enlisted us to help spread the word, help them prove it, by giving us a pair of tickets to the opening night concert featuring two sensational Calgary acts — psych pop wonders Raleigh, who released on of last year’s best local albums we humbly assert, and Chrystal Eyes — to give to you.

The show is Thursday, Nov. 18 at the King Eddy in NMC’s East Village home, Studio Bell, so we are going to make it so, so, so easy for you to enter and win.

Just go to our Facebook page, maybe think about liking us, and ask us nicely for them. (Please note: Our definition of “nicely” is as vague and loose as it gets, so pretty much anything without insults gets the job done.) That is it, that is all.

We’ll notify the winner via direct message by Thursday at noon, so make sure you’re good to go for a great night out.

Good luck!