Burger Quest: Search for Calgary’s best patty and bun emporiums returns

The water that has passed under the bridge since the Burger Quest’s demise is a good measuring stick to the growth of the burger trend that has reached heights of ubiquity across all menus, no matter how high or low their brow swings.

Reach down, grab that flop that is currently taking residence above and below your belt line. Pull back hard till you can see the tarnished glint of a belt buckle.

Now look it right in its face. That weary, loyal and supportive face. The face that has loved you, hung in there for you, hugged you despite your lack of self-restraint.

Now you tell that buckle face that you never ever want to see it again!


Yes, it’s true, Burger Quest is back at our new home on theYYScene. Wonderbun (Jeff Bray) and White Gravy (Grant Farhall) will journey long and far for Calgary’s best burgers. From little known hole-in-the walls to childhood favourites to some of the city’s best restaurants, BQ will deliver on a biweekly basis an unfiltered and unapologetic account of where to fill your burger cravings.

Come back at the end of the week as Wonderbun and White Gravy re-start the quest, hitting Original Joe’s in Marda Loop. Is OJ’s BQ Certified? Find out Friday.

(Illustration by Jeff Bray.)