Exclusive video premiere: Calgary hard rock act The Path Less Traveled share their Legacy

They’ve already made their mark on Calgary’s hard rock scene, now The Path Less Traveled wants to leave its Legacy.

The quartet, featuring Scott Bennett, Jordan King, Nic Sgaggi and Mike Biggs, have been making big noise on the city’s scene for more than a half decade now, with their muscular, melodic metal-punk sound that draws from such influences as Sum 41, Rise Against, Fall Out Boy, Alkaline Trio, Blink-182 and Billy Talent.

And over the years the’ve played on the same stages and held their own with acts including Prevail, Finger Eleven, Silverstein, Econoline Crush and P.O.D.

Late last year, TPLT stepped up their game with their ambitious new album Legacy, led by the the soaring and anthemic title track.

Now they’re ready to release that track with an accompanying video, which they’ve been kind enough to allow theYYSCENE to premiere.

“Legacy was an interesting song for us because the music came together rather quickly,” says Bennett of the cut. “The longer intro and the build up meant it was going to be the album opening track and the demo was titled Opening Song for that reason.

“When it came time to write the lyrics, we thought about how big the song felt and wanted to explore ideas of greatness, reputation, and what exactly defines a legacy. Legacy is typically a positive word, or used in a positive context, and we wondered what would happen if your explored the exact moment in time where someone is about to make a decision that will impact them for the rest of their life. If you’ve already started down a road of destruction, is it possible to find redemption in your actions? Can you right your wrongs?”

He continues. “It’s intentionally left up to the listener to wonder if this song is directed at someone else, or if it’s an intrinsic criticism of themselves.

“The music video kind of reflects that motif with the double exposure. When you’re at your crossroad and part of you wants to go a certain way and another part of you wants to do the exact opposite, you can be your own worst enemy or your own best friend. Our friends, JD from J. Dirom Photography, and Zak from Zak Kelly films, worked with us on the video and we’re extremely happy with how it turned out.”

They should be.

Watch and enjoy.