Wild Rose Brewery, Eau Claire Distillery help kick off Alberta’s summer cocktail season


Just, enough.

No more whining and whinging about the winter and the current inclement spring weather.

It’s time to be positive.

It’s time to be hopeful.

It’s time to focus on the summer cocktail season.

Let’s get you started with some sunny booze news you can use.

We can begin with our friends at Wild Rose Brewery — they who sponsor our Scene in the Wild Podcask (on brief hiatus, to resume very soon), they who have helped with a reward for our ongoing Patreon campaign (hint, hint), they who are just great folks who make amazing beer.

One of those has just made its seasonal return — the perfect patio pint, the Ponderosa Gose.

They describe it as “an irresistibly refreshing pale, tart and unfiltered wheat beer brewed with passion fruit, salt and coriander,” but you can probably just distill that down to “delicious.”

To celebrate the release of the refreshing beer back into the wild (see what I did there?), they’re having a special event called Alberta Luau 2 on April 26 in their Barracks Room, which is on the backside of the Taproom in the old Currie Barracks (4580 Quesnay Wood Dr. S.W.).

Because of the fact that Ponderosa Gose’s light, fruity flavour lends itself to not only mixing with other beers — or, as they call them in the Taproom, “beerations” — but also with hard liquor, Wild Rose is teaming with Wild Life Distillery for a beer cocktail-making competition.

A trio of trained mixologists will come up with a tasty liquid concoction featuring the Gose and some well-chosen spirits, and those in attendance will get to sample and vote.

Also on tap (I’ve got a million of ’em …) will be some “luau-themed snacks and surfer tunes” supplied by local DJ Patrick Whitten.

Tickets for what should be a pretty warm and wonderful event are $30, which will get you three 1.5oz cocktails as well as a meal ticket. For tickets and more information, please click here

If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to summer cocktails, can it.

Seriously. Just can it.

Turner Valley’s award-winning Eau Claire Distillery have just launched what they’re calling “Aberta’s first craft canned cocktail” — the Parlour Gin & Tonic.

Using their universally acclaimed flagship Parlour Gin spirit, Eau Claire’s Master Distiller, Caitlin Quinn, mixed with it some tonic from the distillery’s own Eau Claire Soda Company “to create a refreshing ready-to-drink gin and tonic with 6% alcohol that is best served chilled.”

“I drink a lot of gin and tonics,” said Quinn in a release, “and after creating our first two tonic water flavours for Eau Claire Soda Company, I thought, ‘Why can’t we combine our award-winning spirits and handcrafted tonic water to make a fun and portable G&T for people to enjoy anywhere?’ ”

The 355 ml Parlour G&T’s are sold in four packs with a suggested retail price of $14.95 and will be available at the Eau Claire Distillery Calgary Farmers Market Booth beginning Thursday, April 12th, and from their Tasting Room Friday, April 13th, with the roll out into local liquor stores beginning soon after — perfect for your backyard BBQ or to hide inside of your golf bag.

Cheers to a refreshing summer.