Win passes to CUFF’s 3 Deadly Days of Kung Fu film festival

This weekend everyone is going to be kung fu fighting on the big screen of the Globe Cinema.

The always reliably awesome folks at the Calgary Underground Film Festival are presenting the 3 Deadly Days of Kung Fu festival running Thursday, May 24 to Saturday, May 26 and featuring eight classic films from the Shaw Brothers Studio.

If you want a great rundown on them and why you should go and a primer on all of the films, our man John Tebbutt (a.k.a. The Video Vulture) wrote a great piece a few weeks ago. We suggest you read it here. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Good? Good.

OK, tickets are available at the door for each of the films at a price of $10 for single admission, $15 for double-feature Thursday, and $20 triple-feature Friday and Saturday.

Or. OR. We can get you in for the entire three-day marathon for free.

Yes, once again, being the kind, generous souls they are, CUFF have given us a pair of passes that will get you in to the whole shebang. Cool? Of course. To enter, we’re going to do things the same way we’re giving away the free passes for the East Town Get Down festival (still time to enter). Go to our Facebook page, find this post, tag a friend in the comments and tell us what your favourite kung fu or martial arts film of all time is. (Note: Yes, Kill Bill counts as a kung fu movie in our eyes.)

We’ll pick a winner at random and let them know via direct message by noon on Thursday, May 24 — the first day of the fest, so be prepared to hit the Globe that night and the next two.

Good luck!

(Illustration courtesy Tom Bagley.)