Calgary pop star Jocelyn Alice to headline the Dave Kelly Live Christmas Special

No, it’s not as WTF as The Paul Lynde Halloween Special or as kitschy as The Star Wars Holiday Special, but the Dave Kelly Live Christmas Special is still pretty all sorts of awesome.

And it’s an annual event that Calgary can definitely get behind.

The live talk show-esque evening, which this year takes place Dec. 7 at the Jack Singer Concert Hall, has become yet another seasonal tradition for folks in the city, right up there with Theatre Calgary’s A Christmas Carol, Alberta Ballet’s The Nutcracker and sad, solitary nog drinking.

The 2018 edition should trump all of those — except maybe the latter — with the announcement that among the guests joining Mr. Kelly will be local pop vocalist Jocelyn Alice of Jackpot fame.

“It is truly a dream come true – I can’t wait to come home for Christmas,” said Alice, from her studio in Los Angeles, in a release.

She’ll chat with Kelly and also perform with her longtime musical partner, the amazing Lisa Jacobs.

Also on the show will be the Calgary Stampede’s “clean-cut young go-getters” the Young Canadians, as well as regulars, Bad Portrait queen Mandy Stobo, beermeister and community builder Jim Button and house band The Flat Whites.

“We started this tradition in a small theatre for 100 people, now we get to share it with Jocelyn and about a million Young Canadians at the Jack Singer,” said Kelly in the release. “It’s going to be a magical night full of sugarplums, stories, songs, and a little amateur tap dancing — if I make the cut.”

Making the night even more memorable and meaningful is the fact that they’ve once again partnered with the Centre for Newcomers, some of whom will attend and some of whom may even participate.

“I won’t give it away but I can tell you the amount of talent these kids have is incredible,” Kelly said.

Tickets for the show are available now from the Arts Commons Box Office online or by calling 403-294-9494.