Beltline Bites: Saying goodbye to the neighbourhood means leaving behind some of the city’s best eats

The Beltline area of Calgary has been my home for many years. Now that I’m moving, I find myself thinking of what kind of local food I’m going to miss. I may be leaving the neighbourhood, but I can still tell you guys where to find some tasty treats. Some of my favourite haunts are long gone, but here’s a few goodies that are still available. This isn’t a list of “the best” food, just the stuff I’m going to miss the most. I’m a bit of a cheapskate, so don’t expect too many expensive items here.

• Kouign amann (sounds like “Kooween a-man”) pastry from La Boulangerie (2435 4 St. S.W.): It’s like a soft croissant on the inside, crunchy sweet brulee shell on the outside. Yum.

• Japa Curry from Redheads Japa Cafe (#105, 638 11 Ave. S.W.): Not spicy — it’s more like beef stew than regular curry.

• Monte Cristo sandwich from Galaxie Diner (1413 11 St. S.W): Their version of this classic sandwich piles lots of grilled chicken, ham and cheese between two slices of  French toast. Have one for brunch.

• Chocolate croissant from Yann Haute Patisserie (329 23 Ave. S.W.): My first bite of this pastry made me stop in my tracks and curse out loud. True story.

• Super B.I.G. Burger from Burger Inn (1711 4 St. S.W.): Two spiced beef patties, grilled onions and bacon. Worth unhinging your jaw for. Get it with cheese. What, you wanna live forever?

• Tacos from Native Tongues Taqueria (235 12 Ave. S.W.): These little suckers cost nearly four bucks each, and they’re tiny. This is the kind of place where you can overspend, and still go home slightly hungry. So why is it on this list? They taste amazing, that’s why.

• Pho soup from Pho Daddy (1304 4 St. S.W.): When this restaurant first opened, there was only one item on the menu, and that’s still all they need. You can get the large bowl if you like, but the regular size is HUGE.

• Miso-Katsu pork skewers from Redheads ($1 each on Wednesdays): I don’t know what the sauce is, but it’s amazing.

• Montreal smoked meat sandwich from Myhre’s Deli (1411 11 St. S.W.): Simple and delicious.

• Pitalka bread from European Bakery (515 17 Ave. S.W.): It’s like a cross between a pita and an English muffin. It’s $1.50 per disc-shaped loaf. Buy it fresh, cut it into four wedges, and fill it with cream cheese and/or deli meat for a fantastic sandwich.

• Bacon-wrapped hot dog from Tubby Dog (1022 17 Ave. S.W.): Although I’m also partial  to the “A-Bomb”.

• Gyoza from Hana Sushi (1807 4 St. S.W.): Yum!

• Baguette sandwich from Golden Bell Saigon (1112 17 Ave. S.W.): Banh Mi purists might want to have this without the cheese. It’s good either way.

• Maple bacon doughnut from Jelly Modern Doughnut (1414 8 St. S.W.): Sooooo goooood …

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John Tebbutt is the Video Vulture. He has been living in the Beltline for the past couple of decades and he is sad to be saying goodbye to the hood and all of its tastiness. You can keep up with his nonsense on his website, Facebook, Twitter and through episodes of a program he’s doing with NUTV.