Win tickets to Doc Soup screening of fascinating film The World Before Your Feet

Everyone loves exploring their own city, being a hometown tourist, finding new things, weird things, quirky, things and cool things.

But what if that’s all you did? What if that was how you spent all day and every day. Imagine what you would see?

That’s the subject of the acclaimed documentary film The World Before Your Feet, which is being screened at the Globe Cinema on Wednesday, Jan. 9 as part of the Calgary International Film Festival and Hot Doc’s Doc Soup series.

Here’s the synopsis provided by the folks at Calgary Film:

“There are 8,000 miles of sidewalks, paths and roads in New York City, and for the past six years Matt Green has been walking them all – every street, every block, every pedestrian overpass, park lane and hiking trail … Over time Matt has amassed an encyclopedia of surprising New York trivia and underground history, informed by his own research and conversations with the amused but supportive New Yorkers he encounters along the way. Director Jeremy Workman accompanies Matt as he walks towards completing his goal through neighbourhoods rarely seen onscreen, chronicling the unusual daily routine of an exceptionally curious young man. Forgoing his former engineering job, his apartment, and most of his possessions, Matt sustains his endeavour through couch-surfing, cat-sitting and a $15 per day budget. He’s not sure exactly why he’s doing it, only knowing that there’s no other way he’d rather spend his days. Executive produced by Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg, The World Before Your Feet is an authentic tribute to New York and the freedom to be found in the simple act of putting on one’s shoes and taking a walk outside.”

Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Well, we think so and we want to prove it to you by sending you to the screening. Our friends at Calgary Film have given us a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky person.

To enter to win, head to our Facebook page, find this posting, and leave a comment under it tagging a friend who you’d like to check it out with. That’s it. We’ll let the winner know via direct message by the end of the day Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Good luck and happy exploring!