Performance experience showcases artists for audiences that are drawn to the AWE

To the AWE co-founders Pam Tzeng and Elaine Weryshko noticed a gap in the Calgary live performance scene – there was a lack of opportunity where artists from different disciplines could start small and grow their work. They decided to set up to the AWE, where artists could collaborate to push past the boundaries of genre, type and expectation. Their goal with to the AWE is to work with genre-bending artists to keep audiences on their toes. “We really believe that audiences crave being pushed. That they’re ready to see things that are weird,” says Weryshko. 

To the AWE is about generating community, but it’s also about setting the bar higher and generating risk. Part of what makes to the AWE different is that it’s about creating a space where artists can fail, partly by taking away the formality of performance, but also by allowing artist to show works of about 10 minutes long and start the process of expanding them.

Their next show will be performed on Wednesday, Feb. 13 at the New Gallery, and like the past AWE-somes, it will feature a mix of artists and genres — part of the draw for audiences is not quite knowing what you’re going to get. This week will include artists that come from genres like music, digital art and spoken word. Come out to see Cobra Collins, Rosanna Terraciano, Kristy Benz, Jay Northcott, Matthew Waddell and Erin Jenkins and Helen Young. 

Leave your expectations at the door and enjoy the ride!

(Photo courtesy Bon Adriel A.)

Gaëlle Eizlini started her adult life with a degree in Fine Arts and got sidetracked with a career in communications and engagement. She’s an aspiring Renaissance Woman and rocks her (naturally) curly hair.