Win tickets to a CUFF screening of the doc Who Let the Dogs Out

Catchy? Cloying? Both?

Everyone has an opinion about the omnipresent song Who Let the Dogs Out. (You’re “woofing” right now, aren’t you?)

Well apparently the story behind the Grammy-winning Baha Men song is far more interesting than the tune itself, one that goes back a long, long, long time.

So fascinating was it that Ben Sisto spent eight years of his life researching its origins and history which is chronicled in a new documentary, shot by Alberta-born filmmaker Brent Hodge, who’s responsible for other acclaimed docs such as I Am Chris Farley, A Brony Tail and Freaks and Geeks: The Documentary.

The film is screening this week at the Calgary Underground Film Festival with Hodge in attendance.

Here’s the official synopsis courtesy CUFF: “A story steeped in show business, legal battles, female empowerment, artistic integrity and one very catchy hook. This documentary follows Sisto on his popular live talks across the world that explain the story of Who Let The Dogs Out accompanied by a museum of over 250 pieces of ephemera relating to the song and its origins. Sisto’s thesis to his life’s work: the idea that everything is based on prior art, and everything is source material for future art. It’s from this mantra that the dogs were let out … and we are here to explore who did it.”

As with everything CUFF does, sounds fascinating, don’t it?

Want to go?

Our pals at the fest have given us a pair of tickets to give away to the April 24 Globe Cinema 7 p.m. screening and we’d like you to go. If you’re interested, please head to our Facebook page, find this post, comment underneath it tagging the person you’d like to go with you. We’ll pick a winner at random and let them know by direct message by noon on Tuesday. It’s going to be a quick turnaround, so please make sure you have the night free.

Good luck and please, even if you don’t win, support CUFF this week by attending at least one film. We have some suggestions.