No more pop-ups — Poppy Barley now permanently in Calgary with Market Mall shop

Shoe enthusiasts, pay attention.

The company that brought you made-to-measure boots and now, in addition, offers stunning and environmentally savvy shoes has officially set up shop in Calgary.

Poppy Barley — with its reputation for ethically made and attractive footwear — officially opened its second retail store over the weekend. Joining the flagship shop in Edmonton, Calgary is home to the company’s latest addition.

Founded by sisters Justine and Kendall Barber in 2012, Poppy Barley has gained a dedicated following — one that continues to grow as they expand their offerings and ways to shop. (With a robust online store, no one is far away from being able to purchase Poppy Barleys, but shoe lovers know part of the joy is in the hands-on buying experience.)

Kendall, on hand for the official opening Thursday night, said Calgary was the next logical step in the company’s growth. The city has always offered Poppy Barley a warm welcome when they’ve held pop-up shopping nights in the city, she says. But the unusual locations — like eating establishments and a plant store —weren’t always the right fit. 

Now, with a brick-and-mortar shop in Market Mall, Calgary clients can be guaranteed to get the true Poppy Barley experience, says marketing manager Jane Sevick.

The bright store with blue and wood accents showcases the array of men’s and women’s shoes and accessories, including backpacks, purses and wallets. All of their goods are ethically made in Brazil and Mexico at factories which provide permanent and secure employment and meet Poppy Barley’s working condition requirements, including health care, pension benefits and fair hours.

Fast fashion, this isn’t. But clients at the opening were quick to show off their beloved boots, flats and heels that were still in excellent shape after years of wear — a solid testament to Poppy Barley’s quality and care.

Find Poppy Barley in the south end of Market Mall, close to the Apple Store.

(Photos courtesy Gwendolyn Richards.)

Gwendolyn Richards is a Calgary-based food writer and the author of Pucker: A Cookbook for Citrus Lovers. She regularly contributes to Avenue Magazine and A devoted shoe lover, she most definitely added to her collection after reporting on this story. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @gwendolynmr.