5 picks for Sled Island Wednesday including Amy Nelson, Future Womb and Japanese Breakfast

Amy Nelson at Central United Church (6:30 p.m.)

One of the finest records released locally this year thus far came from this gorgeously antiquated twang factory. On Educated Woman, Nelson sings, strums and songs as if she was raised in a roadhouse with Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton and a bottle of bourbon as her only playmates. She can switch from ache to appeal to anger to angst to angelic so effortlessly, you’ll wonder what hit you and why the hell it didn’t do it sooner. See her live and try not to fall in love. 

Future Womb at the Ship and Anchor (8:30 p.m.)

Another amazing local artist with a recent stunner of a release, this band, led by brave and arrestingly honest frontwoman Mikaela Cochrane, deliver a sonic soup of electro ambience, chamber pop and confessional folk. Their debut BABYGIRLGALACTIC is a beautiful and emotional Braids-esque experience that lays it all bare and hugs you back when you need it to. See them before we soon sadly lose Cochrane to the West Coast.

Vailhalen at Royal Canadian Legion No. 1 (10 p.m.)

Yes, we’re going a little heavy on the homegrown on this Wednesday, but you won’t regret a second, especially if you wind up at this show and see this recently revived project fronted by scene vet Chris Vail. His band is stacked, his pop melodicism is on point and you’ll be that person singing along without even knowing the words because it’s all so catchy as hell.

Screaming Females at Dickens Pub (11:30 p.m.)

If you missed their Palomino show several months ago, now’s the time to rectify that very, very wrong. This Joisey band kicks against the pricks with a fierce, sweaty intensity. Singer Marissa Paternoster has a voice that’s part Siouxsie Sioux, part Joan Jett and all riot grrrl power. And the sweet, pleasing sound they make is raw yet polished punk rock ’n’ roll, that’s also disarmingly anthemic in its delivery. Go. See. And, sure, drink. A lot.

Japanese Breakfast at Royal Canadian Legion No. 1 (Midnight)

We’re also, apparently, going heavy on the femme content this opening night of Sled. Unapologetically. Oregonian Michelle Zauner is the perfect way to end any night, with her pretty, casually intricate tales of modern relationships and an approach to pop songwriting that’s warm and familiar but entirely, uniquely her. She’ll serenade you into the evening and off to slumber. Which you’re going to need. Because it’s only day one.