5 picks for Sled Island Friday, including Cartel Madras, numnum and Bully

Counterfeit Jeans at The Palomino, main floor (7 p.m.)

If you’ve had a day spent mopping up and wringing out the towels in a flooded basement, as well as unclogging an eaves trough in the rain (cough, cough), you’re probably going to want your Friday night of Sledding to start with something that will wake you the hell up and put you in a better mood. Voila. Edmonton’s Counterfeit Jeans. Fast, noisy, tuneful semi- shoegaziness from our friends to the north, the trio build a pretty good wall of chug and sweet fuzz that, at times, sounds like Leatherface with a singer who doesn’t gargle with broken glass. Dive into the deep end early on this Friday night.

numnum at the Ship & Anchor (9 p.m.)

To save time, we’ll just copy and paste from the email they sent: “Hello! We are numnum. numnum is a three-piece band consisting of Seunghuk (Guitar), Yunjoung (Vocal), and E jae (Bass) in South Korea. People of different generation, taste, genre and character have gathered to produce a creative and entertaining piece of work … We can’t wait to meet you a Sled Island 2019!” Creative, entertaining and a helluva lotta fun, too. As fun as their name is to say. (Cough, cough, Kari Watson.) It’s your first of three chances to see this pop act this weekend and you should take it.

Bully at The Palace (10 p.m.)

Whenever you can, always avoid the “g” word. It was played out the day it was coined, and that was over 25 years ago. So let’s just say that this Nashville band, led by whisper-to-a-screamer Alicia Bognanno, fondly and not-at-all derivatively recall the days of Pacific Northwest plaid, in a way that Toronto cousins Dilly Dally do. They make it sound fresh. They make it sound their own. And they move it forward, rather than taking you in reverse. Although, that said, ’90s nostalgians will likely have their own Republik, Westward Club or Night Gallery flashbacks should they go.

Cartel Madras at HiFi Club (Midnight)

Speaking of Seattle. No, this act ain’t from the wet coast, but earlier this week this Calgary duo signed to that city’s legendary Sub Pop label. The Madras-born sisters, Eboshi and Contra, are originators of what’s known as Goonda rap, which is pro-femme, sexual, South Indian-celebratory and as in-your-face as anything you’ll hear in the hip-hop world. They’re fierce as hell and they put on a high-energy show that will leave you winded from the punch as well as what you’ll undoubtedly be doing on the dancefloor. This gig should be extra special, as they take a victory lap after the recent good news. 

Oblivians at the Royal Canadian Legion No. 1 (12:30 a.m.)

More Tennessee content from this influential, reunited garage rock act from Memphis. For five years a quarter century ago, the trio burned brightly like a can of paint thinner before calling it quits and going on their merry ways, garaging it up in myriad different acts. Yes, there was the odd reunion show, but now finally reformed, they restarted the story, and they’re making as much noise, turning as many ears on as they did 25 years ago. Part of their charm is that, in a very Sloanian way, each of the three can and do switch off on their instruments. But that’s secondary to the music. Which is what it’s all about. Enjoy.

(Photo of Cartel Madras courtesy Ralph and Floyd Gonzales.)