Enter to win tickets to CUFF’s screening of the Ghostbusters documentary Cleanin’ Up the Town

The city is being slimed.

Calgary is going Ghostbusters crazy right now, due to the fact that Jason Reitman, Bill Murray, Paul Rudd and the gang are in town filming the reboot/re-working/sequel/? to the classic 1984 film.

The original is screening this Sunday at Eau Claire and on Monday, Oct. 7, our friends at the Calgary Underground Film Festival are premiering the exceptional new documentary Cleanin’ Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters at the Globe Cinema, with the filmmakers in attendance.

You should refresh your memory by checking out the classic and then, the next night, find out how it was made and why it’s such a timeless film.

We can help you do the latter.

CUFF has given us tickets to Cleanin’ Up’s screening at the Globe and we’d love to send you to see it. To enter to win, please head to our Facebook page, perhaps give us a like or a follow, find this post, and comment under it tagging a fellow ‘Buster lover. We’ll let the winner know via direct message by the end of the day on Sunday — so make sure you’re checking your FBook account this weekend.

Good luck. And Ghostbusters!