The Night Terrors Film Society starts 2020 with a bang-bang through midnight screening of The Tough Ones

Hey! Why not take a break from the Little Women and the Star Wars and the Parasites and other such highly polished cinematic fare, and just watch a bunch of guys with porno moustaches kill people with machine guns, accompanied by a ’70s wocka-chicka soundtrack?!

On Friday, Jan. 24 at midnight, the amazing maniacs behind The Night Terrors Film Society will be presenting their first film of the year, and it sounds like a doozy.

The Tough Ones (1976) a.k.a. Rome Armed to the Teeth, is a wild Italian crime film (or “Poliziottesco” as we film buffs would categorize it) filled with car chases, brutal violence, bad hairstyles, funky basslines, and Tomas Milian as a hunchback with a machine gun. It’s directed by Umberto Lenzi, notorious for such grotty but unforgettable cinematic fare as City of the Walking Dead, Almost Human, and Cannibal Ferox. 

The Night Terrors guys have always had a fondness for Italian exploitation flicks, although I’m pretty sure this is their first time screening a Poliziottesco. As usual, the audience will be treated to a genuine 35mm print of the film, along with an amazing lineup of ultra-rare trailers, and lots of door prizes.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, bring ten bucks (cash only, please) to the Globe Cinema (617 8 Ave. S.W.) on Friday before midnight. 

John Tebbutt is the Video Vulture. He has been writing about obscure and ridiculous cinema since 1997. You can keep up with his nonsense on his website, Facebook, Twitter and through episodes of a program he’s doing with NUTV.