Jubilations Dinner Theatre delights with musical mashup Pitched Perfect Golden Girls

Thank you for being a friend. 

The Golden Girls intro song is a well-known tune and for good reason, as the popular sitcom spent seven years on television from the mid ’80s to the early ’90s. 

Fast forward to 2020 and you’ll catch a pretty darn good rendition of those quirky characters — Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia — on stage at Jubilations joined by a couple of friends originating from the Pitch Perfect comedy films, Becca and Amy

The plot for the show brings the ladies of the Maple Oaks Seniors into the Collegiate Singing Group competition against a couple of college students, and the ensuing storyline is a delight for audiences with an epic soundtrack to sing along to. 

Together, the six characters bring to life Pitched Perfect Golden Girls, and it’s the first time in Jubilations history that an all-female cast has taken the stage. 

It’s rather fitting, since Golden Girls was always ahead of its time and focused on many issues still prevalent today.

“They were ahead of their time,” says Amy White, who plays Rose. “We wanted to make sure the show wasn’t just us making fun of old ladies; they were strong, they were very comfortable with who they were. We are trying to channel that femininity and I think we’re succeeding 

She is relishing the experience of performing each night with an all-female cast. 

“Since the first day, we knew there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch,” she explains. “We are all the best of friends; no one is faking it.” 

White spent hours and hours binge-watching old episodes of the Golden Girls in preparation for the show — in fact, she says the whole cast “did their homework” — and it plays an important role in bringing the senior citizens to life on stage. 

“Right before each show, I watch compilations of Rose doing things so I can memorize her walk and the way she speaks. I’m finding I need to be more poised, rather than slouching and standing like a 26-year-old, but it’s a fun challenge.”

For Gillian Moon, who delights audiences doing a spot-on impression of matriarch Sophia, she was excited to bring a little bit of pizazz into the role. 

Without giving too much away, Moon — who has a background in acrobatics — brings “a little extra sparkle” to the role, much to the delight of audiences. 

“I’ve worked for the company for a long time, and I’m good friends with the writer. We thought it would be pretty funny to have an old lady hanging from the ceilings,” Moon says, adding she is playing her favourite character from the show she spent her childhood watching after school with her babysitter. 

“It’s really a well-written show and it really stands (up) well, which doesn’t always happen with ’80s shows.” 

Pitched Perfect Golden Girls runs until March 21 at Jubilations. For tickets and show times go to

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