Listen to the premiere of Jason Famous’s new song Love Sick

We all have different ways to cope during these trying times.

For some, it might mean doing those chores long since promised and forgotten, such as putting in a new kitchen faucet or shaving the cat. With others, it might mean returning to that mundane hobby — model ship building, pog-collecting, cat-shaving, family, etc. — that there was never the time for when the world was a much busier place.

And yet for others, for others, it’s the opportunity to look inside, reflect on self, explore the nooks and crannies of their psyche and become something bigger, something better.

Not surprisingly, for Calgary bon vivant, and reigning boy prince of romantic-pop, Jason Famous, Esq., it was the latter path he chose, while also giving in to his muse.

Anyone familiar with the man, the artist, the flower of a human being, the beacon of hope, the size medium shirt wearer, knows how sensitive a soul he is and how deeply he’s affected by the world that surrounds him.

Jason Famous and Le Fame in happier, non-Covid times

Now, though, as the world has been put on pause, he’s had the time only for reflection and creation. Isolated, alone and without the woman who made him whole — having recently and very publicly split once more with his sexual and artistic muse Le Fame — he is like a tiger in a cage, ready to rip off the arm of an underpaid keeper or devour spoiled meat from a Walmart, musically speaking of course.

Which is why we weren’t surprised to check our inbox on Monday to find unannounced a brand new song from Jason Famous titled Love Sick. (Actually, we were surprised, then kind of moved onto other things, then remembered it later, finally gave it a listen, thought it was pretty good, went and made a sandwich, forgot about it, then watched some TV, went to bed, woke up, remembered it, thought we should probably do something with it, but had to take the dog for a walk, returned and decided to accomplish something, so, well, there you go.)

Simply put, the song, is about how the coronavirus has shown him that love is all that matters.

But in Jason’s slender, lovingly manicured, pasty white hands, nothing is ever so simple.

“It is in our darkest of days that I’ve found the true meaning of life. That love is all that matters,” Mr. Famous says of the tune.

“This song is for one person and one person only, you know who you are, call me.”

Please enjoy and share widely. It’s what the world needs now.

(Photos courtesy Janet Davie.)