A message to our friends in Calgary’s arts community and the hospitality industry

Stay with us on this: The other day Mr. Mom was on TV — the stellar 1983 comedy starring Michael Keaton, Teri Garr, Martin Mull, Ann Jillian and Jeffrey Tambor with a screenplay by the late, great John Hughes.

If you haven’t seen it (no excuse now), it stars Keaton as an auto worker laid off in the recession of the early ’80s and his wife, Garr, has to return to the workforce leaving her husband to take care of the children. Hilarity ensues.

Perhaps that’s relevant to some at this time of uncertainty. Perhaps not.

But the point — of this post, anyway — is that in the film, Garr returns to a job as an advertising executive. The big campaign she’s charged with working on is for seafood company Schooner Tuna.

Long story (sorta) short, her idea, and one that the owner of the company embraces, is a simple one — that they will be dropping the price of their cans of fish meat to help out the consumer in these trying times, with the tagline “The tuna with a heart.” And, sure, although there’s some American jingoism thrown in for good measure, and the ad and the gesture were meant to sell some chicken of the sea, the bottom line was that they were trying to help out in difficult times.

Like these.

So. Consider us your Schooner Tuna of online Calgary arts and culture.

We want to help.

It’s why theYYSCENE is tossing our rate card entirely out the window for the foreseeable future. We don’t care. We want to help and support the community in a way that hopefully means something, and to ensure that when things get back to normal, things will be normal. That the theatres and music venues will be full, the clubs, restaurants and taprooms will be teeming with patrons and we’ll enter back into the world we knew (maybe better?), with the incredible people, companies and services still there making Calgary the amazing city it is.

So, if you run an arts organization — theatre or dance company, festival, etc. — that’s looking ahead to next season or event, or are a venue that wants to keep your name front and centre, a band that’s releasing an album or doing a virtual concert, a restaurant, bar, brewery, taproom or wine store that is now delivering in the city, please reach out.

We will run an ad on our site for whatever you can afford or think is fair: $400, $200, $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, a beer, a bottle, a meal, a thank you, a Tweet, a smile, a thumb’s up — seriously whatever works for you. We want to do any and everything we can.

We will also be updating the site daily during the week — we’ll make some shit up, don’t worry — so that traffic remains steady and that your ads are seen by those who already support what you do or want to in the very near future.

Sound good?

If so, please reach out to us at, or and let us know.

Depending on the response, we may have to rotate the ads in and out, but, again, we want to help.

For those seriously considering it, the specs for ads are: banner ad 950×112 px and box ad on side 300×250 px. (Note: we do need you to supply the digital ad, as we don’t currently have a designer. Oh, and also, we reserve the right to refuse if the content or message of the ad is deemed offensive, libellous, in poor taste or, well, just a waste of time and space.)

Again, it’s literally the very least we can do, but we want to do something.

Please feel free to spread this to whomever you think might benefit from it.

Thanks for continuing to support us, and arts and culture in Calgary.

Please stay safe, stay home and we will see you all very soon.