Premiere: Watch the new mini documentary for Calgary rock act Napalmpom’s new (old) album release

When the larger music industry won’t mythologize your B chords and songs about Gladiator sequel spec scripts, might as well self-mythologize, right?

This new mini documentary, featuring none other than Jonathan Broke, voice of the York Railway Museums Audio Tour, chronicles the not-so-humble beginnings of Napalmpom with original lead singer Ian Thomas Day. From their start as a Tricky Woo cover band to their meteoric rise to a rock throne that literally a half dozen people have worshiped at, it’s all covered with archival footage and photos that the band would like to pretend was sourced from fans.

Unheard until now, The Climb The Climb To Heaven Has Too Many Stairs (The Lost Tapes) is a document of that time. Recorded by Lorrie Matheson in one or two days before Day’s departure from the band (and the country) in early 2013, it’s made up of songs you’ve hopefully already heard, but played unintentionally looser and faster, and with a different voice than you’re used to.

The Climb To Heaven Has Too Many Stairs (The Lost Tapes) releases tomorrow, May 6th. You can hear a teaser now at — play it loud! (or quiet if your partner is on a work call or child is napping).