ATP the big winner at this year’s virtual ‘Critters’ awards celebrating the shortened 2019/2020 Calgary theatre season

During the time of COVID-19 these virtual awards were announced from the Calgary Theatre Critics’ Award Facebook Page on video by myself, Louis B. Hobson from Postmedia and Jonathan Love from CBC.

And the winners are:

Best Touring Show — Let’s Run Away a HPR/reWorks Productions co-production

Best Direction — Anita Rochon for Strangers on a Train, Vertigo Theatre

Best Supporting Performance — Tyrell Crews for Noises Off at Theatre Calgary

Best Leading Performance — Seana McKenna for The Merchant of Venice for The Shakespeare Company with Hit and Myth and Calgary

Best Design — Brian Ball for the set of A Christmas Story

Best Production of a Musical — Old Stock A Refugee Love Story at ATP

Best Production of a Play — Disgraced at ATP

Honorary Calgary Theatre Critic’s Award — Joyce Doolittle and John Murrell for their inestimable contributions to theatre

Award recipients were invited to upload their acceptance speeches or make posts on the Facebook page. Anyone with memories, anecdotes of photos of John and Joyce were also encouraged to share to the page as well.

Caroline Russell-King is a playwright, dramaturg, and instructor. She is a member of The Playwrights Guild of Canada, the Dramatist Guild of America and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You can find her work here at