Exclusive Premiere: Hear A Soft Place the new EP from Calgary alternative dance-pop artist Selci

The dancefloors remain empty.

But when they’re ready to fill up again, when the DJs are ready to spin, the bodies are ready to move and sway, Selci will be there for you.

As will her brand new pumping, throbbing and cool mood-inducing six-song, sophomore EP A Soft Place.

The Calgary artist has gone further down the dreamy dancehole with the record, one that features her rapturously seductive coo and flow over slow, sensous beats and jazzy keys — sounds that demand movement, even if that’s just a headnod, in-place to-and-fro or self-conscious toetap.

It’s heady stuff and when it’s released Tuesday, July 28, expect to hear the songs of the record and inevitable remixes on every online chillout playlist — from the empowered and sex-positive track Body Worship, which features rhymes from Zhe the Free, to the title track which is as pillowy as it promises, A Soft Place will be an amazing spot to land.

But, thanks to Selci, as with her first, exquisite EP Effervescence, readers of theYYSCENE will get a first listen of the album, a day before it drops to the rest of the world.

Put the headphones on, pick a partner in your bubble and make the living room — or bedroom — your own personal dancefloor until the real ones open back up again.


And for more information on the record, please come back to the site in the coming days, as we’ll have an in-depth chat with the city’s reigning alternative, dance-pop diva.

(Photo courtesy Annabeth Tronsde.)