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Look for theYYSCENE in a monthly print form beginning September 1

It’s not all bad news, and doom and gloom. Not all closures, going-out-of-business signs and sadness for what once was.

There is a little optimism for fall. School will be back in, more businesses and venues will be reopening, we will continue to adapt to what life throws at us.

And there will be a free, new monthly print version of theYYSCENE.

We’re excited to announce that what was once planned for April 1 will now come to fruition Sept. 1 when we drop Issue No. 1 of what we hope will be an important part of Calgary’s long-term recovery. You’ll be able to find it at businesses and boxes throughout the Beltline and core, with a reach into the further afield communities.

What can you expect?

Well, much the same as the website — arts, music, lifestyle, culture and more — albeit with more consistency and diversity in our coverage and from our writers.

We will also be adding news thanks to our friends at excellent local startup site Livewire, as well as political and social commentary from some of this region’s finest progressive rabble rousers.

We want to be part of the conversation and, where possible, we want to lead the conversation about life and living in this province.

Listings will, of course, play a large and important role in the publication, with us no longer being the city’s go-to guide to getting out, but rather just it’s go-to guide, period — on going out, staying in, dining, drinking, listening, watching, yelling at the TV and however else you spend your time and money these days. Heck, we’ll even have a crossword puzzle to test your mental mettle.

We’re excited and think there’s a need for something like it in Calgary and we hope you agree.

How can you get involved?

Well, if you’re a writer, please contact Editor Mike Bell ( with some samples of your work and an idea of what your area of expertise and experience is, and what your interests are.

If you’re one of the many businesses or organizations in the city that we’ve provided coverage for or just those who admire and appreciate what we do, please consider reaching out to us at for a rate card and advertising specifics. (The first four months we will be offering 50 per cent off our ad rates to help those going through trying times.)

And if you would like to contribute on a personal level, we are doing a full push on our Patreon campaign — it provides a way to show financial support on a monthly basis, with benefits for those who do, including festival passes, beer from our friends at Inner City Brewing, and an invite to our launch party there in September.

Finally, if none of that is something you’re capable of, please just pick up a copy when you see it — read it, keep it with you, use it throughout the month and spread the word.

We hope you’ll find some more good news in its pages.