Exclusive premiere: Miesha and the Spanks new video I Want Fire

Bring the heat.

It’s been a common refrain during the past couple of weeks of deep freeze.

Hell, let’s get a little more direct and insistent and take our lead from Calgary rock duo Miesha and the Spanks: I Want Fire.

It’s the latest track from her forthcoming Singles EP, which is set for an April 16 release, and it is a heatseeker of a hit — a brief, bombastic, blast of white hot melodicism.

theYYSCENE is proud to offer the exclusive premiere of the new video for the song, which drops today.

The video was recorded at frontwoman Miesha Louie’s family cabin on Lower Kananaskis Lake — the same location where she recorded her album Girls, Like Wolves — and features her and drummer Sean Hamilton messing around with the occult in the wild.

It was filmed at the end of January and was a predictably chilly shoot.

“It was so cold, oh, my God,” says Louie, who spends much of her time in the video rather inappropriately dressed for the elements.

“Obviously it’s cold in the mountains, we had a bit of anticipation of it but there’s just this breeze that came across the lake and chilled you to the bone.”

She says her legs in the gown she spends most of her time in were fine, but by the end of the day her feet were “bricks of ice.”

Director Grossmann speaks on the Evil Dead kind of vibe the video conjures.

“For I Want Fire, Miesha and the Spanks wanted to take full advantage of the cabin in the woods they had access to, and to use it as such – a Cabin in the Woods-inspired horror (shoot), taking cues from the ’80s giants of the genre and adding a bit of cheese in there while retaining the energy of this explosive song,” he says.

“We braved the extreme cold temperatures to try and deliver a juxtaposition between fire and ice, the warm cabin and the freezing landscape, the devilishly hot and delicious temptation of crossing over to the demonic side. But as cheesy as the concept was we wanted to add legitimate elements of horror into the video with some in-camera effects of ghouls hidden in the background, and only aided by visual effects where it became necessary.”

The song, itself, is more a comment on trying to rekindle the fire of a relationship in this COVID world, Louie a new mom with twins whose career was put on hold when the pandemic hit.

It’s one of seven fuzzy, crunchy numbers that are featured on Singles EP, which was recorded by producer Leeroy Stagger.

And yes, on all of the tracks, Miesha and the Spanks bring the heat.

Enjoy I Want Fire.

(Photo courtesy Sebastian Buzzalino.)