Lots of interesting-looking films in the new CIFF 2021 lineup! Here’s a few titles that jumped out at me for the fest, that’s just kicking into high gear this week and runs until Oct. 3:


“I saw you naked, therefore you are terrible,” is a really weird moral stance to take, but a hell of a lot of hypocritical prudes seem to take it. This oddball flick seems primed to satirize such attitudes, while providing us with one (two?) of the most playfully silly film titles to ever grace a marquee. (In-cinema only Monday, Sept. 27 at Eau Claire 2, 9:45 p.m.)


A basic suspense thriller set-up with a new twist. There’s a blind woman trapped in a deserted house while thieves are breaking in. Her only tool for survival is a volunteer assistant, guiding her to safety via an app on her phone. (Online.)


A simple contest to win an SUV turns incredibly weird. How weird? No idea. The promotional materials for the film are determinedly spoiler free, and only vaguely hint at the madness to come, but they throw the words “bizarre,” “twisted,” “absurdist” and “unique” around a lot. OK, I’ll bite. (Online.)


A woman is annoyed, mystified, and then terrified by a mysterious knocking sound in her home that no one else can hear. Done wrong, this could be the most boring suspense film ever made. But done well, this could make some audiences lie awake at night. (Online and in-cinema at Globe Cinema, Saturday, Oct. 2, 9:45 p.m.)


Attending a silent film with live musical accompaniment is an amazing experience everybody should try, and here’s your chance to do so with this beloved Charlie Chaplin classic on it’s 100th anniversary. Music provided by local genius Chad VanGaalen performing as Black Mold. (Friday Oct. 1 at Contemporary Calgary, 8 p.m.)